Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Robins in the Trundle Bed Welcomes You

Trundle Bed Times

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We have been refeathering our nest at Robins in the Trundle Bed and wanted to share our shop with you. Spring has arrived and we have wonderful antique linens, vintage bird houses...and bits of whimsy from seashells to nests.

I dreaded that first Robin, so, But He is mastered, now, I'm some accustomed to/ Him grown, He hurts a little, though/I thought if I could only live/ Till that first Shout got by/Not all Pianos in the Woods /Had power to mangle me /I dared not meet the Daffodils /For fear their Yellow Gown /Would pierce me with a fashion /So foreign to my own/I wished the Grass would hurry/ So when 'twas time to see /He'd be too tall, the tallest one /Could stretch to look at me /I could not bear the /Bees should come, I wished they'd stay away /In those dim countries where they go, /What word had they, for me?/They're here, though; not a creature failed /No Blossom stayed away /In gentle deference to me /The Queen of Calvary /Each one salutes me, as he goes, /And I, my childish Plumes, /Lift, in bereaved acknowledgement /Of their unthinking Drums

Emily Dickinson