Saturday, April 26, 2008

May 1 is around the corner!

It's our birthday on May 1, May Day, so help us celebrate! Take 20% off an item on the "Goods' section of our website now through May 15.

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There are three hundred and sixty-four days when you might get un-birthday presents ... and only one for birthday presents, you know.
Lewis Carroll

Monday, April 14, 2008

La Vie en Rose...Nothing Like April in Paris

Even if you can't spend April in Paris, you can close your eyes, listen to this and dream. Il n'y a rien aussi beau que Paris dans le printemps.

first jumble sales of the season!

We dusted off our tote bags and marketing baskets and headed to the market. Not for fresh bread or produce but for fresh finds for our shop! This was our first marketing weekend after what seemed like an interminably long winter. Sunday morning at 5:00 A.M., it felt like winter, still dark out and in the high 20's!!! But the cardinals, robins and sparrows sang the sun up and made it sound like a glorious spring day, even though the heavy cloud cover and brisk wind seemed to suggest an entirely different season! Armed with steaming coffee, and wearing winter coats and gloves, we braved the field, and unearthed wonderful treasures!!! The first market was well worth the wait and the rather ungodly hour! We found three beautiful Mary and child prints (we always seem to gravitate to these and to old leather bound bibles on Sunday morning...guilt that we should be at service?).

We thought we had discovered an early eraser (Sheila decorates her office with these (not every find makes it into the shop!), but on closer inspection after wiping off the dust, we found that we had unearthed an early clothes brush for removing street dust from ladies' skirts. (We could have used this ourselves as the field is entirely comprised of sand!) Other finds included uncut stained glass in beautiful amber and dark green; a handmade box, featuring two women in Edwardian costumes, cheekily plucking a feather or two from a caged parrot to adorn their fancy hats (Imagine!); a candlestick phone table with the original swivel mount still intact; rolled magazine containers with pale green wicker accents (worthy of a Martha Stewart seal of approval); and a wonderful jumble of other finds!!! Keep checking the shop or drop us a note if you see a little gem that intrigues you and merits "gottahaveit!!!" status, as we clean, cobble together, repurpose and price....

Friday, April 11, 2008

tarnished silver, crowns and cabbage roses

This spring we are stocking the store with tarnished silver, edwardian white nightgowns, aprons strewn with fat pink cabbage roses and white wicker rockers. We have a beautiful antique green tray decorated with black silhouettes, perfect for your first patio party of the season! Check out our antique trio of wonderfully shabby cake and bread tins spilling over with antique shredded almanac pages, tintypes and antique brown bottles, with a few beautiful feathers thrown in as if a bird has just flown by! One of our favorite items is a large turn of the century French candy box in rich sepia tones depicting a beautiful woman in a langourous pose. We love the colour of an antique skein of robin's egg blue yarn, just waiting to be made into a shawl to wrap around you on your fisrt boardwalk stroll in June. And as always if you stop by you will find repurposed items, like a locker basket hung as a peg rack to display dresses, or powder pink ballet slippers hung as wall pockets, trailing ivy and hyacinth...

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Spring is here and it is time for rummaging, marketing, brocanting, treasure hunting, and lawn sales. We can't wait to show you what we discover!