Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hats Off to Robins in the Trundle Bed

“Grab your coat, and get your hat, leave your worry on the doorstep, just direct your feet, To the sunny side of the street.”

We have a fondness for hats of all kinds! From Victorian bonnets to French berets to straw boaters, we can't seem to pass by a hat for sale without bringing it home! We have some darling vintage hats and antique doll hats for sale on eBay, so be sure to check them out!! We have displayed some of the hats on Mademoiselle Mathilde, a fabulous find from Paris. She is oh-so-chic and we are so delighted that she is such a charming model for our chapeaus!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Long Ago Windy Day

A long ago windy day that makes you dream of spring. We love a photo where you can actually see the wind.
This is our mother with us as children. If we still had her dress, we would definitely wear it!!! Note the classic 1960's woman, wearing high heeled shoes to the park!
Remember, these were the days when our mother told us that you dressed to go downtown.