Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fresh Market Picks!

A great French print in a shabby gold frame! We hung a ring of prisms off the edge of the frame...
ABFAB tin frame with elaborate surround styled with an antique letter!
Love the cow bells with the original metal numbers on them! Our fav dealer saved these out for us!
A tintype framed in a prism!
A close-up of the cowbell!
An antique frame painted with the prettiest shade of celery green against the backdrop of an antique grain sack!
This antique rusty door makes a fab spot for corralling letters!
Two antique tape measures with handwritten numbers!
Antique straw hats reflected in a celery coloured mirror topped off with the little frame!
An antique blue drawer styled as a shadow box!
A charming antique cream satin covered First Communion prayer book!
An antique horse show ribbon displayed in the shadow box on a bed of hay.
We stumbled on this early carriage parasol that folds up for convenience. The parasol not only keeps the sun off your porcelain complexion, it serves double duty as a great display piece!
A photo of the great grate!
A wonderful tin box overflowing with prisms. More photos to follow! If you are interested in any of the items pictured, please email us at

Friday, May 11, 2012

Styling The Week-End Treasure Trove

We found this great antique sack and decided to sew it onto an old Ritz Hotel hanger. We filled it with a beautiful bouquet of lavender and an old newspaper from 1868, with the owner's name scrawled on it in sepia coloured thick ink. We added a charming copper framed tintype of a young man and finished off the look by decorating the edges of the sack with hay.
The sack makes such a pretty statement hung on an old wooden door!
We composed this vignette from our week-end antiquing forays. We found this great antique ink-stained document case and displayed it with old specs, early nineteenth century documents and a top hat!
We love the prairie chic look of these vintage cowboy boots paired with this abfab fancy pintucked petticoat, with a ring of rusty keys thrown in to complete the cowgirl look!
We found this ornate lamp, with hanging prisms in the bottom of an old box. Now what shade would perfect the look? Something ultra simple to offset the gilt?
One woman picked up this darling diminutive cup after unearthing it from the bottom of a trunk, sneered at it and tosses it aside. I guess that it didn't sing to her the way it does to me! Love the color and the scene of two lasses and their sheep. we styled the lavender cup atop a stack of wallpapered boxes and used antique New England newspapers as a fun back drop!
We found this beautiful sea shell on a table on our last pass through the market. It is such a delicate pretty depiction of a bird! I can't imagine it being ignored by all the other shoppers, but was glad that it was!
What better to display a pair of fancy cowboy boots than a fancy footed silver tray! Love the look ot hte vintage horse shoe ribbons!
Don't you love the simple shape on this Shaker tinware?! We styled the can with simple vintage dance shoes.
We thought that this antique hand blown buoy would look divine in the garden! Can hardly wait for tomorrow to start treasure hunting again!