Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuff & Nonesense Totes

Check out our new line of "Stuff & Nonesense" totes, perfect for stowing all the stuff and nonesense we find at local brocantes and sales that we just simply cannot live without!!!

The totes feature a wonderful array of antique and vintage photographs that we have collected over the years that in some way or other tell us not to take ourselves to seriously... Everyone can do with a bit of whimsy in this life!

The tote bags will be adorned with vintage and antique ribbon, buttons and other fripperies that we love to collect and squirrel away in a treasure box until "Just The Right Project" presents itself.

The script that accompanies the photographs is meant to make you laugh. We just adore the three bathing beauties striking such a darling pose for the ages... Can't you just imagine them singing out "TA DA!" at the accomplishment of such a feat on hot sand no less. Watch for silly snippets from fairy tales, folk songs and everyday jargon used in a whimsical way.

Watch for the tote bags at our shop or order them through e-mail inquiry.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A New Set Of Wheels

We love this antique goat cart that we found at the flea market!! We photographed the cart under an allee of towering hemlocks, filling it with hay as a soft bed for our favorite lamb statue. Now comes the hard part... deciding do we keep or sell this charmer! The debate continues...

Friday, April 16, 2010

Search And Rag Bag Rescue Mission

We frequently go out on search and rag bag rescues in an attempt to save vintage clothing from the hands of those who would use these beautiful garments for oil changes, waxing cars, wrapping glass at flea markets, or worse....(Are we wrong to insinuate that the culprits are usually men????) We found this beautiful butterfly dressing gown from a friendly flea marketer who had wrapped glassware in its beautiful beruffled edges and color-drenched folds.
After he looked at us as though we were more than half daft, when we inquired how much for the robe, we did manage (after quite a bit of explaining as to why anyone in the right frame of mind would want a rag and not the glassware) to purchase it.
Can you just imagine the stylish vixen who donned this confection???
Watch for this gorgeous rescue in our Ebay listings!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week-end finds

We have photographed a few of our week-end finds. Don't you just love this time of year when a treasure seems to lie around every corner??? We will post photos of a fab goat cart in original green paint on the body and bright red on its wheels!!! This will be so stunning overflowing with daffodils...

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Old Friends and Robin Song

Our first saleing, brocanting and antiquing week-end after a long hibernation was quite a success!! On Sunday morning we woke up at 5 AM hoping to snag some early buys at the local flea market. We love the excitement of that first morning as we dress, and walk the dog, wondering what treasures and one-of-a –kinds we can unearth. This morning was warm with a light wind. The half moon was white and looked like a delicate ear listening to the first robin singing in the dawn in the branches of our Norway maple tree, that moved in the light wind, stirring up the sky.

We saw all of our early morning marketing friends, exchanged hugs and pleasantries and then the hunt was on!!! We found a great old small antique wooden clipboard, thick and richly colored; a lot of Vogue sewing patterns from the 1940’s and 1950’s (here’s wishing the clothes were in the same box!! Alas no such luck on this Sunday…); a lovely wicker tray with butterflies and ferns arranged in such an artistic way; two diminutive wicker baskets (so sweet); and a little cream doll dress that just happens to fit one of our naked peg dolls(the little antique gown will be our first day of brocanting gift to her!!!)

This week-end in our travels we managed to happen on a beautiful pair of early side lace dove gray boots, a rental sign from Wachusett Mountain, and a beautiful wedding dress in its original box with the owner’s name, wedding date of June 1914. Can you imagine how tiny this bride must have been to fit into this gown???? The gown is made of silk and looks so beautiful in the sunlight. We wonder what she looked like and how she wore her hair…. We hope her marriage was a happy and that she and her husband were blessed with joy.

Looking forward to next week-end …

Friday, April 02, 2010

Jelly Bean Wishes

Wishing all our customers a joyous Easter!!!
May you day be filled with all things wonderful and remember not to eat too many jelly beans!