Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Redcoats Are Coming...

We had an incredible day at Old Sturbridge Village, stepping back in time(making sure not to step in any horse droppings in the process!)to the Revolutionary War. We saw all manner of troops associated with the War; saw a fashion show based on newspaper ads describing servants who had disappeared with their master's goods; watched a demonstration on medical equipment; watched a pie being baked(from the look of it a main ingredient was flies!); and saw a battle between the Redcoats and the Colonists...On this day we let the British win!!! Hope you enjoy the photos and the journey back to another century.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recent Summertime Finds

Here are photographs of some of our delightful recent acquisitions, all discovered in beautiful New England!
All are available on eBay (DBA: shemarielizabeth) or in our store, Robins in the Trundle Bed.

This is a beautiful hand made doiley with sweet cherubs. It looks beautiful on a vintage silver tray with an antique sprigware teacup and fresh strawberries.

This bonnet was discovered at an estate sale. It had been packed away in a trunk in an attic for years. It is in pristine condition, and is obviously fresh to the market.

A wonderful find of a stunning, antique, real feather boa...

This stunning quilt topper was a great flea market find!

This beautiful mohair cape was knit to look like a "fur" cape. It is oh-so-wearable and so lovely!

French Garden House Giveaway

One of our favorite bloggers, French Garden House (photo from her site), is having a Heavenly Hostess apron giveaway! The aprons are so divine and oh-so-vintage inspired!! We love wearing vintage aprons and it is so nice to know that there are others who love the look of a crisp, starched apron. Visit the following site for details: and good luck!!!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Winchendon Bridal Tea & Templeton Great Gatsby Party

We had a wonderful time at a beautiful shower held at the Winchendon Historical Society. Our friend Kerry hosted a delicious afternoon tea for the bride to be!!

The mansion looks like a beautiful tiered wedding cake. A talented pianist played romantic music in the front parlour, while we drank lemonade and tried our hand at croquet. The tea was incredible with a parade of delicate sandwiches and desserts to tempt even the pickiest eater!!!

Mom and Sheila joined me on the veranda were old frienships were renewed and new bonds were forged.

Our friend Kerry is hosting a tea party on Saturday and asked me to pose for a few publicity shots to advertise the party with a dear young friend of ours, who is beautiful on the inside and out!!!

Is there any lovelier way to spend a summer's day?

Our sister Donna accompanied us to the gardens and took lovely photos in the warm summer sunshine.

The phlox attracted hundreds of butterflies and scented the air with the most delicious perfume!!