Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Christmas on the hill

The Christmas week snowfall was so beautiful! We decorated around the front door with a lovely garland of blue berried juniper, white pine and cedar. Then we wrapped it with white lights. We put silver horns to the right and left of the garland, tying on mulberry velvet ribbons with shiny gold backs.
The bush by the driveway looks magical decorated with white lights and topped with new fallen snow!
Snow adds such a pretty look to the front door wreath!
We painted a pair of old skates gold and filled them with mountain laurel, Andromeda
and holly. They look perfect tied to the hitching post! The lamppost wears a white pine garland with white lights and its own silver horn and velvet bow!
The front porch tree is adorned with dried alium, baby's breath and bird's nest gathered on our walks last summer. The twinkling white lights make it look like a fairyland!