Friday, July 20, 2012


We have been having the most amazing luck unearthing treasures all around New England! We found a divine stack of nineteenth century newspapers, perfect for projects. We are lining an old mercantile drawer with a sheet with great graphics and turning it on end to make a shadow box. Antique millinery feathers have drifted down from the heavens and have landed at our feet in all their glory! We even found an entire bird used to decorate a Victorian lady's chapeau! Check out the wonderful tintype of the family photographed on the Jersey shore in Edwardian times!
We love the look of this stack of antique boxes and trunks that we found at the flea market. The small trunk that tops the pile has an abfab wallpaper lining and dates to the 1820's! We have been drawn to antiques with numbers on them!
This letter box is incredible! The writing on the top, the glass front, the rich colour of the rattan make this such a FIND! Now we have a new quest...FIND A KEY TO FIT THE LETTER BOX!!
There is such an easy gracefulness to this diminutive Parian statue! We photographed it in the small trunk and topped it off with a starfish!
We tucked the statue into a mini greenhouse and surrounded it with the frothy netting from a vintage veil!
I can just picture the pure romance of powdering your nose in this divine mirror! Being an early bird at the flea sometimes pays off! The mirror has two places for candles to light the face of the gazer! I think everyone and everything looks better by the soft and flickering glow of candlelight! (Although you have to be careful not to hit fluorescents afterward if you've been heavy-hande with the rouge!
We found a great wax sewie in the shape of a shell and decided it would look great photographed with vintage shells that we found! A pot of chives in the background cast the perfect underwater shadows on the page!
This gorgeous wing came from a London millinery shop and seemed with its few loose feathers to be perfect photographed with this litho of winged Cupid!
This photo of the multi tiered veil in the waning light of a summer eve reminds me of a graceful swan!
We made time to stop to have fun while finding treasures! The coast of Maine is so gorgeous this time of year! Next stop Ogunquit!
Peace & Plenty to you! May all your summer days be sunny with a parasol to keep you cool!