Monday, May 31, 2010

Church on Sunday

On Sunday morning, after only a few hours sleep, we decided to hit the flea market for its opening at 6 a.m. We decided that treasures were simply more important than beauty rest. Planning on attending Sunday mass after antiquing, we must have had church on our minds and managed to truffle out this wonderful vintage church birdhouse.

We also found a wonderful tin statue of a shepherd that looks so beautiful posed under a rhododendron. Other antiques that we uncovered were: a beautiful white feather fan, an antique wire office basket, a charming tea cup, stacks of antique cream and white hankies, an oval gutta percha case with an ambrotype of a woman, a fabulous 19th century braided wire hairpin, a vintage umbrella with wooden handle, and a vintage brass and silver mirror.

Monday, May 17, 2010

"Saleing" Along

On Sunday morning we found an antique bird cage perfect for tea cups stacked and waiting for a tea party; a darling doll's apron in tea stained cream and red; a blue calico bag embroidered with the word "Buttons"; an antique geography book that someone with more of a sense of romance than wanderlust, pasted over the maps with beautiful poetry clippings; a collection of rubber marbleized balls that look like art when arranged in an old pantry box; a pale green hat stand and a perfect-for-summer cream purse...

Sunday morning was a whirlwind of activity...searching through table after table of junque to uncover a few treasures...back home to grab the dog, a cup of coffee and off to walk on one of the prettiest New England commons, with a view of Mount Wachusett that makes you feel like you are seeing the world through the eyes of God...then home to change and dress for Church... back home to change again and go for a longer walk around a beautiful lake...I love Sunday!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Darling Egg Basket

Watch for this darling egg basket in our Ebay listings. We photographed it amongst hosta, forget-me-nots and white-flowered myrtle. Three eggs nestle in a bed of hay.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Antiquing...exploring a New England Common...Having fun with two cameras(realizing that your pics are awful compared to your sister's...having steaming cups of coffee by a waterfall...HEAVEN in Springtime in Massachusetts...

Saturday, May 08, 2010

May That Perfumed Month

Is there anything as sweet as Spring lambs nursing?? We saw these darlings on the way to Pickety Place at a beautiful farm in Townsend.

We stopped at our favorite shop, The Cooperage, which is now a group antiques shop. What would a birthday be without a trip to the antiques store?(It is a great way to feel a bit younger when you are surrounded by items that are over 100 years old.)

I don't dare reveal how many years it has been that tradition has dictated that a May Day photograph be posed here...

Friday, May 07, 2010

May Day Birthday

Our May Day Twin Birthday is always a lovely time of May baskets received and delivered; robin song at night's delicious close; tulips, forsythia and this year lilcas everywhere!!! We always travel to Pickety Place for an herb dinner...

Rosemary the cat(so named for a penchant for napping amongst the rosemary plants) waits to no avail to enter through this charming ivy covered door.

Should I or shoudn't I oblige and let the darling inside ...yes, I shall...

I think that I have just let Rosemary the Cat into the kitchen. Oh well do not blame me if there is no cream left for your tea!!!! See they even set a basin out for the statue of a rabbit!!!

A few minutes later and Rosemary is let out the front door and told the kitchen is off limits!! She decides to check out our mini herb garden and nibbles on a johnny-jump-up. Rosemary the herb is said to "comfort the heart, and make it merry, quicken the spirits, and make them more lively." This little feline lives up to her name, for it is a hard heart whose spirit is not buoyed by her charming antics.

The basket of herbs survived unscathed and I hung it on the hitching post when we arrived home, where a nesting robin has been quite intrigued by its bright pink ribbon as a perfect finishing touch for her lovely new home(already the finest on the block with its blue Easter Grass and twine....)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Great Finds

More hunting yielded more treasures... an antique key holder from an old seaside hotel...a great grain sack just waiting for a home interiors project(and someone who can sew!)...a funky one-of-a-kind early electronic system to summon servants to the library or west wing(a totally shabby find from an old new England estate)...a beautiful box with a lovely corsage tucked in.... an antique sewing bird...(perhaps for the seamstress referenced above?

Faded Fancy Finds!!!

After an agonizingly slow 6:00 A.M.start at the flea market on Sunday morning, we managed to change our attitude and dedicate the next few hours to digging in search of the best shabby treasures to offer you, and stop griping about how it definitely was not worth getting up at 5:00 A.M.!!

And our treasure hunting luck did change. There was more than the usual share of plastic bins and reproduction junk, but with the attitude adjustment and the willingness to dig, we found this fantastic early gate key. We felt for all the world like Mary Lennox when she discovered the key to the secret garden. Who knows what this key will unlock. The possibilities are endless!!!!

On our last pass through in the one aisle we had skipped, we unearthed the most beautiful early lace gown. The lace is in very good condition for its adavanced age, and was so worth that last pass through...

We snagged this great Clothing Alteration Sign early in the morning. We thought we had found an early bathing suit complete with mobcap and bloomers, but the zipper and fabric gave away its age.