Saturday, October 15, 2005

Recent Acquisitions at Robins in the Trundle Bed

We found this wonderful old drawing board with a leather handle the same morning we uncovered a rolled up print in the bottom of an old trunk. The beautiful sepia tones of the print seemed a natural pairing with the artist's board, which became a whimsical "make-do" frame. The print depicts a mother and her children bathed in light at the breakfast table with a nun framed in the doorway wistfully admiring the family circle, while held outside of it.

Later in the day, we made a trip to Petersham stopping for coffee and muffins at the country store. We were inspired by the beauty of the church on the Common. We made a serendipitous find of our own little church with a green roof, a handmade spire, "stained glass" windows and even a parishioner sitting inside. The interior features miniature religious pictures on the walls, pews and an altar. We had so much fun discovering the details that were lovingly crafted so long ago.

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