Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Long Ago Windy Day

A long ago windy day that makes you dream of spring. We love a photo where you can actually see the wind.
This is our mother with us as children. If we still had her dress, we would definitely wear it!!! Note the classic 1960's woman, wearing high heeled shoes to the park!
Remember, these were the days when our mother told us that you dressed to go downtown.


Finegan Antiques said...

I love the photo. It reminds me of my mother. No lie, my mother would cut the grass in high heels!!! Oh the leg pain.


RITTB said...

Donna: Did you ever take a photograph of your mother mowing in high heels? One of our favorite family stories involves our mother, about to give birth. Everyone in the family was in a mad rush to get her to the hospital, but she wouldn't leave the house until she found and donned her long white gloves.