Friday, September 17, 2010

New Finds!

We found so many incredible finds over the last few weeks. We have ventured around New England and stopped at farm stands and farmer's markets for armloads of fresh sunflowers and zinnias and locally grown veggies. We have of course also stopped at all the local end of summer flea markets and church sales and have armloads of fresh finds. We fell in love with the dramatic beauty of a jewel red garnet coloured velvet wedding gown from the 1930's that was worn for a December wedding. It has a peplum that cascades down the back in a tail that is backed in a creamy satin. We also found a gorgeous hand tailored Victorian two piece winter walking suit that was most likely for skating outings. It retains its original label from a Boston, Massachusetts design house. The garment is so heavy that we think that a pirouette on skates must have been quite a feat indeed! Check out the other snaps to see a great sign warning not to trespass on a private beach(Wellfleet on the Cape); antique corks coralled on ironstone with a metal boy lamp finial surfing across them; a miniature sewing table where two wee robins have gathered and a shabby ironstone pitcher sitting on a clockface...Inquiries welcomed!

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