Thursday, November 04, 2010

Hawthorne Peabody Murphy

Our darling peke-a-poo, Hawthorne, was recently diagnosed with a melanoma on his lip! He is getting great care from our Vet and the staff at the Gardner Animal Care Center, and is receiving specialized cancer treatment at Tufts Animal Hospital. We are praying to St. Francis for the "little heartbeat at our feet" and hope that you will too!!

As we posted earlier, Hawthie was drawn to the beautiful Raphael Madonna print that we won. We still haven't hung it, as Hawthie sleeps next to it (in a spot he has never slept before) every day. Even now, our darling little boy is sleeping while Mary watches over him. Blessings for our dear Hawthorne Peabody Murphy!

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Sarsaparilla said...

How sweet that Hawthorne has decided to sleep next to the Madonna. Poor little guy. I will say some prayers...