Sunday, May 01, 2011


After having watched the royal wedding, we suddenly found ourselves hopelessly mired in a morning of chores and kitchen drudgery. We washed dishes, emptied trash baskets and cleaned and filled the bird bath and feeders. After watching a commoner transform into a princess before our very eyes it was almost too much to bear. We suppose that it didn't help that we were wearing tiara culled from our collection(tarnished and a bit misshapen---the tiara not me!) Definitely not borrowed from the Queen... In between chores we checked the computer and discovered we had won the fun and quirky Simply-Chateau great blog give-away! Shirley of Simply-Chateau keeps all of her loyal readers well entertained with her brocanting antics and her raids on local French attics filled with trunks brimming with the most delicious finds anywhere! She has raised feamarketing to an art form! The minute we heard that we won we wanted to don our goggles and linen duster and hop into the nearest vehicle to catch the next flight to France!!! Eiffel Tower, here we come!

When more practical head prevailed, we decided the flight to France was not in the near future, so we would have to settle on living vicariously through Shirley's blog and reading the French magazine that we won! To fill in the backstory, Shirley was giving away a copy of the charming "LES SECRETS DU STYLE SHABBY CHIC" and asked her readers to come up with little catch phrases like hers: "flicks my switches, floats my boat, twiddles my tassels and plumps up my passementerie." We were up for the challenge and came up with this entry: "We have a penchant for collecting antique clothing, so our expressions reflect that! It cinches my corset; laces my boots; rattles my chatelaine; curls my ribbons; ruffles my petticoat; twirls my tassels; blossoms my bloomers; starches my crinoline; busts my bustle; beribbons my bonnet; pops my peplum and hulas my hoop skirt! All that thinking has made us hungry so...It butters my croissant & steams my au lait! Last (we promise!!!!!!!!!!), it shutters my chateau!!"

You could have knocked us over with a feather when we heard the news!
Here is what Shirley posted: "Oh heavens! What a responsibility! So many wonderful entries to the shabby chic competition that I couldn`t bear the responsibilty! So, laptop in hand, I called on Madame Rousseau in the village who speaks perfect English and delegated the task to her!
And her choice for the winner is:-

(fanfare of trumpets & drum roll)

................. the two girls from Robins in the Trundle Bed!"

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Sheila and Sherrill


Mrs. Mobunny said...

Three Cheers for Trundle Bed ladies!

Marias Hörna - Njut av livet said...

Hello..And I hope you are fine. Hugs from Maria

Yonks said...

Well done! I am envious of you having that lovely looking mag! Enjoy girls x