Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Private Sale, Tea Party & A Sunday Brocante!

We started our week-end treasure hunting with a call from a friend who knows exactly what we love!! She invited us to a "private sale" at her ab fab home. Sheila was able to rearrange her schedule and was so happy with the beautiful items that our friend had saved aside for her! We wish that we had been able to take you all to see her house as it is an amazing historic home in town! Our friend has the best eye for creating a gorgeous home chock full of perfectly edited antiques! The home never feels overdone or stuffy; always perfectly in tune with the season! Sheila was heard to comment that these private sales hosted by such a charming hostess may well spoil her, as the flea market seemed all the worse when compared!! Following this sale, we set up The Gardner Museum for Historic Uptown Walking Tours and a tea party(pics to follow). We spent Saturday working very hard at making the tea party seem effortless! All in all a wonderful way to celebrate the last week-end of Springtime!

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