Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Week-end Finds

We had the best time this week-end scouring all the markets and fall festivals for special treasures. We found two gorgeous vintage 1950's glam cocktail dresses. One of the dresses has black feathers all along the neckline that blow quite fetchingly in the slightest breeze. We also found the most abfab cream heart patterned lace gloves with the most cunning jewel embellished bows at the wrists! Other treasures that just seemed to fall into our hands this week-end were two black velvet opera coats from the debutante section of Macy's; an early nineteenth century lace greeting card; a two piece Victorian plaid costume; two gorgeous Victorian puffed sleeve nightgown embroidered with rose buds and vines; a mercantile stand with a hook to display jewelry; and a basket filled with millinery flowers... To top the week-end off we sampled all kinds of delicacies from Thai food grilled right in front of us to a vat of paella. We thought about it and decided to skip the blue cotton candy! You definitely do not want blue sticky fingers when diving into trunks of antique white linens!! Here's hoping that next week-end is sunny and filled with unopened trunks filled with Victorian treasures!( Although I don't know if any week-end can top one where you saw Johnny Depp tied to a tree?!!!!!!!!)



Vintage Jane said...

Fantastic finds - isn't it great when you have a day the unearths such treasures. Love the feathered dress. M x

Carol said...

Ive just discovered your lovely blog. Thank you for sharing it with me this evening. What a wonderful way to spend your shopping time with each other. I will be visiting again and again. I don't think there is a better nor more beautiful place to shop vintage than New England. We are already saving for our trip to Brimfield in May.



Marias Hörna - Njut av livet ♥ said...

Wishing you a nice weekend, hugs from Maria

are you dressing up or dressing down said...

I love little places like this. There are some real treasures to be found x