Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Spring's First Treasure Hunt!

After an entire late autumn and winter with NO flea markets, we awoke last Sunday before dawn, and pulled out the Robins In The Trundle Bed totes painted with the images of a gorgeous woman, perfectly dressed and coiffed! We, unlike the French lass decorating our bags, put on as many layers under our winter coats as we could and still be able to move! When we arrived at the market, the ground was covered in frost and was hard and cracked under our feet from the recent drought. I think we were sleeping standing up, as we would spy something we thought was simply "I'll die if I don't buy that and make it my own NOW" just as someon grabbed the antiques out from under our noses. Between the sleepiness and the inability to move our arms from the excessive layering and the freezing temps, it is a testament to our treasure hunting abilities that we managed to unearth these finds! As the morning wore on and the April sun warmed the ground, the earth turned to mud and we began to thaw. We found an antique gingham apron with hand embroidered flowers; a linsey woolsey that a frugal New England housewife had patched and re-patched and then patched again; a stack of Peterboro New Hampshire primers, one that had been turned into a recipe book; a tin sign from a Church, hand painted with the most inspirational psalm; two antlers made into beautiful brushes... A few more times around the field and then off to the cafe. After all that work the steaming mugs of coffee never tasted so good!

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Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Lovely pictures again and great finds, I look at them with envy! Julie xxx