Sunday, March 21, 2010

Easter Centerpiece

On one of our treasure hunting expeditions this weekend we went to one of our favorite little antique shops. We discovered this beautiful oversized Meakin English ironstone platter. We debated between using it as a serving platter for our Easter lamb, ham or strawberry spinach salad. We thought the salad arranged on this platter would be not only a gatronomical, but a visual feast with its almonds, fresh strawberries, crisp baby spinach and its drizzle of dressing spiced with paprika, poppy seeds, sesame seeds and secret ingredients. However, our decorating sense won out over our culinary creation! So, we put together this simple Easter centerpiece. We filled the platter with sweet meadow grass and nestled antique marble eggs in the center.


Linda said...

Hello so pleased to meet you! found you on Vintage Rags.
I used to live in Montreal and loved my visits to New England Vermont etc
I was taken back immediately by the atmosphere you have created.
I used to read Victoria Magazine avidly and would loved to have had a shop in a wooden house in that part of the world

Robins in the Trundle Bed said...

Dear Linda,
How nice to hear from you!! If you are ever in Mass. we hope you can stop by the Country Mischief shops where we show our antiques! Did you know that Victoria is back? This month's issue is so magical. I loved the photographs of the garden structure that looked just like it was plucked out of the pages of a fairy tale!!!