Friday, March 05, 2010

Shadow Box Creations

We are starting a new enterprise: Shadow Box Creations! We have taken photographs of our first shadow box. We have entitled it "Bathing Beauties" and have tried to recreate the feel of a day on the boardwalk just after the trophies have been awarded to the Bathing Beauty Queens! These women were actual winners of a New Jersey shore early 1900's Beauty Pageant! We have included an antique flag, vintage sea shells, old sheet music, vintage embroidery floss and the most delicate antique sea moss. We used old anagram game tiles to name the piece. Wouldn't you have loved to live in a time when beauty was defined by lovely hair and a pretty smile and not by whoever was the thinnest! So let's raise a glass to when a parasol, a pretty hat and hoisery were de rigeur to win the pageant!

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