Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuff & Nonesense Totes

Check out our new line of "Stuff & Nonesense" totes, perfect for stowing all the stuff and nonesense we find at local brocantes and sales that we just simply cannot live without!!!

The totes feature a wonderful array of antique and vintage photographs that we have collected over the years that in some way or other tell us not to take ourselves to seriously... Everyone can do with a bit of whimsy in this life!

The tote bags will be adorned with vintage and antique ribbon, buttons and other fripperies that we love to collect and squirrel away in a treasure box until "Just The Right Project" presents itself.

The script that accompanies the photographs is meant to make you laugh. We just adore the three bathing beauties striking such a darling pose for the ages... Can't you just imagine them singing out "TA DA!" at the accomplishment of such a feat on hot sand no less. Watch for silly snippets from fairy tales, folk songs and everyday jargon used in a whimsical way.

Watch for the tote bags at our shop or order them through e-mail inquiry.

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