Friday, April 16, 2010

Search And Rag Bag Rescue Mission

We frequently go out on search and rag bag rescues in an attempt to save vintage clothing from the hands of those who would use these beautiful garments for oil changes, waxing cars, wrapping glass at flea markets, or worse....(Are we wrong to insinuate that the culprits are usually men????) We found this beautiful butterfly dressing gown from a friendly flea marketer who had wrapped glassware in its beautiful beruffled edges and color-drenched folds.
After he looked at us as though we were more than half daft, when we inquired how much for the robe, we did manage (after quite a bit of explaining as to why anyone in the right frame of mind would want a rag and not the glassware) to purchase it.
Can you just imagine the stylish vixen who donned this confection???
Watch for this gorgeous rescue in our Ebay listings!!

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