Thursday, May 06, 2010

Faded Fancy Finds!!!

After an agonizingly slow 6:00 A.M.start at the flea market on Sunday morning, we managed to change our attitude and dedicate the next few hours to digging in search of the best shabby treasures to offer you, and stop griping about how it definitely was not worth getting up at 5:00 A.M.!!

And our treasure hunting luck did change. There was more than the usual share of plastic bins and reproduction junk, but with the attitude adjustment and the willingness to dig, we found this fantastic early gate key. We felt for all the world like Mary Lennox when she discovered the key to the secret garden. Who knows what this key will unlock. The possibilities are endless!!!!

On our last pass through in the one aisle we had skipped, we unearthed the most beautiful early lace gown. The lace is in very good condition for its adavanced age, and was so worth that last pass through...

We snagged this great Clothing Alteration Sign early in the morning. We thought we had found an early bathing suit complete with mobcap and bloomers, but the zipper and fabric gave away its age.

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