Friday, May 07, 2010

May Day Birthday

Our May Day Twin Birthday is always a lovely time of May baskets received and delivered; robin song at night's delicious close; tulips, forsythia and this year lilcas everywhere!!! We always travel to Pickety Place for an herb dinner...

Rosemary the cat(so named for a penchant for napping amongst the rosemary plants) waits to no avail to enter through this charming ivy covered door.

Should I or shoudn't I oblige and let the darling inside ...yes, I shall...

I think that I have just let Rosemary the Cat into the kitchen. Oh well do not blame me if there is no cream left for your tea!!!! See they even set a basin out for the statue of a rabbit!!!

A few minutes later and Rosemary is let out the front door and told the kitchen is off limits!! She decides to check out our mini herb garden and nibbles on a johnny-jump-up. Rosemary the herb is said to "comfort the heart, and make it merry, quicken the spirits, and make them more lively." This little feline lives up to her name, for it is a hard heart whose spirit is not buoyed by her charming antics.

The basket of herbs survived unscathed and I hung it on the hitching post when we arrived home, where a nesting robin has been quite intrigued by its bright pink ribbon as a perfect finishing touch for her lovely new home(already the finest on the block with its blue Easter Grass and twine....)

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