Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Early Bird Catches the Antique

We look forward to Columbus Day weekend for many reasons...viewing the beautiful New England fall foliage; going apple picking...celebrating our darling dog Hawthorne's birthday...and we especially love going to the old Bromfield School's annual flea market tailgate! With over 170 dealers, we are always able to find kindred spirits who love antique. We arose early and paid extra admission so we could be early buyers! Armed with our cups of coffee, canvas totes and sense of adventure, we scoured the field for one of a kind treasures! We found wonderful shabby antique paisley shawls for projects and pillows; a vintage housecoat with the tags still on it; a beatiful antique painting on velvet in a gold frame; old tintypes; darling, early doll dresses and a doll's wig; a stunning 1950's prom dress; vintage 1940's hats, antique children's clothing and old petticoats from a Pennsylvania farmhouse and so much more. One of our favorite finds is a vintage sign from a greehouse that says "Combination Pots!" It would be adorable in a kitchen!! We'll be listing items on eBay and putting some items in our shop.
We'll post photographs of some of our finds soon!

There are always unique, colorful booths...

And interesting items to photograph...

And great food booths too...and oh the view!

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