Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Textile Show & Tell

Over the last few weeks, we have found the loveliest vintage clothes and textiles. One of our fav pieces is the 1840's tailcoat with the fancy green striped silk sleeves and quilted interior. Can't you just imagine the gent who wore this? We also found a great lot of 1930's Depression era dresses and feed sack quilts and toppers full of old darns and repairs that whisper stories about a farm wife's frugality and household economy. Don't you just adore the demure cotton frock with the pale pink shoulder straps and rose corsage? We think it would make the sweetest prom dress. We styled the 1930's gown with an Anthropologie deep red flower garland necklace. The white gown has such a beautiful fluid movement. We can picture Ginger Rogers, exuding Hollywood glam from every perfect pore, her hand extended toward Fred Astaire, her feet gliding across the dance floor. We'll be photographing more great finds for another Show And Tell... of

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Sarsaparilla said...

How did manage to miss this post? What lovely dresses these are - and you found all of them in the course of just a few weeks? You are clearly better shoppers than I!

Hope you have/had a Happy Halloween!
- Susan